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Comedian and TV warm-up man

Dudley Doolittle (real name Stephen "Steve" Pickering) is a TV warm-up artist who works on Countdown among other shows. He used to be the lead singer of a group called Reg James Explosion, and also sang in the bands Toby Twirl and Blinkers. He keeps the audience entertained before each show is recorded with jokes and anecdotes, and often shares quips with the presenters and occasionally the contestants.

Dudley briefly appeared on the show dated Friday 8 July 2011, when former warm-up man Greg Scott was in the challenger's chair. He made a similarly brief appearance in the special episode of Friday 14 September 2012, when host Nick Hewer suggested that he had sustained a leg injury on the slopes of Glenfiddich, as well as being mentioned and appearing during the introduction and conclusion of the 30th Birthday Championship game of Friday 8 February 2013.